Starch (tapioca, sago or corn) has numerous applications in various industries. In food industry starch is commonly used as thickener or binding agent. It is universally used in processed food, snack food, noodle, pastry, as well confectionery industries.

In manufacturing sector, starch is also used as in the paper, plywood, textile, battery, paint, cosmetic, pharmaceutical, and adhesive industries. Starch can also be further processed into ethanol, high fructose, syrup,  glucose syrup, maltodextrin, maltitol, cyclodrextrin and monosodium glutomate. In fast-growing green industry, starch is converted through fermentation producing biodegradable plastic and ethanol (gasohol). Its residual biomass can also be used as a feedstock for the production of power and heat. Several derivative by-products, such as germ, fibre, and gluten, are moslty used in the animal feed industry.

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